Medical Marijuana Membership Plan

The patient membership plan is free to those with medical conditions who may benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis. 

To claim your discounts at your next medical marijuana doctors appointment or when you purchase your medical cannabis products at a dispensary, simply show your new digital members card (that we email you) along with your state issued medical marijuana card.

Please complete the form below to get your free Digital Members Card.

What you get with your new card…

  1. A unique digital member card and ID that provides you with doctor and product discounts from our preferred suppliers and doctors on our site.
  2. Once we receive your member application we will connect you to the most suitable medical marijuana doctor in your state.
  3. We base this connection on your answers provided during signup which help our staff determine the best doctor for your needs.
  4. We use our extensive research and resources gathered from global medical tests and research along with well documented journals to connect you to the most suitable cannabis products that effectively target your specific medical conditions.

We base our cannabis recommendations on well documented global medical research conducted by reputable doctors, researchers and scientists, medical faculties and colleges. These groups methodically outline their studies and results with details of the participants, their medical histories, past & present medications and location of the studies. They have offered their expert opinions for what they believe to be the most effective types of cannabis products for treating specific diseases.

Disclaimer: Our recommendations are based on medical research, tests and trials that can be viewed in our Journals page.

We provide no medical guarantee as to the outcome of such medical research as this depends on multiple variants associated with each patients and his or her medical condition.

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